Health & Safety Conference and Awards
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Event Overview

The Health & Safety Conference and Awards is one of the MPA’s most important events of the year and is an opportunity to bring together companies from the length and breadth of the membership to celebrate commitment, progress and achievement in health and safety. 

Following the 2018 Health & Safety Conference and Awards, Nigel Jackson, the MPA’s Chief Executive summarised the event in the foreword to Sharing good practice 2018/19*.

The theme was ‘Closing the Gaps … Focussing on Priorities’, reflecting our determination to reverse the recent decline in the industry’s safety performance and progress towards our collective goal of Zero Harm.  Click here to view all videos from last year’s event on the MPA’s YouTube channel.

The conference recognised that more effective communication and supervision would be key elements in closing the gap between the industry’s collective health and safety aims and the realities on the ground.  The industry’s agreement to focus its energies and resources on the ‘The Fatal 6’, the high consequence hazards that have been the main cause of fatalities over the last decade in our business, reflects another major step in helping us achieve this.

It was interesting to note that a high proportion of the entries were mitigating risks associated with one of the six themes within ‘The Fatal 6’.  In several cases, a serious incident had been the genesis for the innovation.

I believe that many of the innovative solutions and new processes highlighted can be adapted or applied to a wide range of other organisations.  They will make a material difference to the safety, health and wellbeing of everyone working within the mineral products industry.

Part of a leader’s role is to facilitate and encourage an open and trusting environment in which these types of initiatives and behaviours flourish, encouraging a culture of continuous improvement and open and challenging dialogue.

MPA believes that success will only be achieved by strong leadership collaboration and the sharing of health and safety information, case studies, alerts and best practices.  Maximising the the potential of the Sharing good practice publication to help drive change in our businesses will be a good example of these beliefs in action.

Our commitment to safety also extends to members of the public who visit our sites and with whom we share the roads.  MPA will continue to run its public safety campaigns and support the wide range of initiatives to improve the competence and safety of the industry’s drivers.

‘The Fatal 6’ (high consequence hazards)

  1. Contact with moving machinery and isolation
  2. Workplace transport and pedestrian interface
  3. Work at height
  4. Workplace Respirable Crystalline Silica
  5. Struck by moving or falling object
  6. Road Traffic Accidents

*Sharing good practice 2019/20 will be produced following the Health & Safety Conference and Awards; for copies of last year’s publication please contact

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Industrial Diagnostics are a well-established, main stream occupational health provider specialising in service delivery to the UK Construction Supply chain.
Working across more than 5000 sites per annum the company service more than 50% of MPA members.

Trading since 1993 and providing a full remit of occupational health work, Industrial Diagnostics mainly provide services from the client site and across all shift patterns. The company is the only OH provide with the coveted NHS AQP accreditation.
With specialist interest and expertise in occupational disease, particularly Noise-induced Hearing Loss, Occupational Lung Disease and Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome, Industrial Diagnostics work with major UK insurers in order to develop a greater understanding of the incidence of such conditions in the UK and education to support prevention.

Launching a chest x-ray service in 2016, Industrial Diagnostics has provided more than 5500 chest x-rays at client sites and have developed a substantive onward referral protocol to manage suspected cases.


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Avetta is the world’s leading provider of supply chain risk management solutions. The company brings unmatched access and visibility to its clients’ supply chain risk management process through its innovative and configurable technology, coupled with highly experienced human knowledge and insight. We contribute to the advancement of our clients’ sustainable growth by protecting supply chains from a wide range of potential risks through trusted contractor prequalification, safety training and monitoring, regulatory compliance, insurance/financial stability and other areas of risk. Avetta currently serves more than 450 enterprise companies and 90K suppliers across 100+ countries.


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Hycontrol Limited 
Combining decades of practical experience with unrivalled technical knowledge, Hycontrol leads the world in designing and manufacturing advanced silo protection solutions. The company is an acknowledged leader in silo pressure safety, with award-winning silo protection systems. Hycontrol has pioneered the reduction of working at height through ground level testable equipment. Additionally, Hycontrol has worked with the MPQC to provide industry training to improve awareness of the causes and dangers of silo over-pressurisation. Hycontrol has been at the forefront of level control and measurement technology for over thirty-five years, providing effective solutions for diverse applications across a wide range of industries.


EPC Groupe
began in the UK in 1905; over a century later, we have grown into one of the UK’s most trusted and respected supplier of explosives for commercial and military applications.

EPC-UK operates from two sites in Derbyshire and Essex, ideally located for road and sea logistics. Our facilities include fully bonded warehousing and a licensed explosives dock; rigorously controlled to enable handling of class 1, section 5 and protectively marked goods.

Our UK services include: Blasting, Explosives, Additives, Defence/Security and Logistics. Backed by manufacturing know-how, extensive R&D, product support and experience, we deliver world class products and services.


Mentor Training Solutions Limited
Mentor are the UK’s leading provider of equipment operator training, qualifications and assessments. Our services are delivered by our highly skilled and knowledgeable instructors and assessors at your site or one of our training centres.

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Some of our most popular training courses including IPAF and PASMA working at height training, MPQC and EUSR accredited mobile plant training and AITT, ALLMI and LEEA crane and forklift training.


The Mineral Products Qualifications Council (MPQC)
Was established in 1983 to help develop and maintain industry training needs and was originally known as Quarry Products Training Company Ltd.

We are a ‘not for profit’ membership organisation whose members are derived from the quarrying, mineral products, mining, construction and related manufacturing sectors. MPQC members cover a wide breadth of the mineral products industry and range form sole traders to multi-national corporations.

MPQC is formed of three divisions; MP Futures, MP Awards and MP Skills. All three divisions operate independently of one another and are governed and regulated by a range of Government Bodies and Independent Regulators.